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Merging Two Confluence Instances

Confluence instances merge and migration for acquired companies.


Website Development for Information Security Company

Wordpress website design and setup for Swedish B2B cybersecurity company.

E-commerce Gift Shop Update

E-commerce website update enabling Amazon product feed synchronization with our customer’s OpenСart-based online store.

Language Switching Plugin For Confluence Website

Confluence-based language switching plugin for Atlassian software development company’s website.

Labour Law Website Update

Website update with the page where companies can check the relevance and updates to labour posters using state/federal and date filtering.

Laravel CRM and X-Cart Website Development

CRM service portal and e-commerce website development for auto repair service company.

PSD to HTML News Website set up for WordPress

PSD to HTML conversion for the top news Wordpress website.

Admin panel development

Admin panel design and setup for table contained on server and not connected to the Wordpress.

E-learning Platform

E-learning platform for practical courses with progress tracking, homework review functionality and video content protection.

Broadcasting Website For Adults

Online video broadcasting system for adults based on Flex/Flash technology.

Website For Events

Pinterest-like website where users can find events nearby, book tickets, check feedback and watch video-trailers of the events.

Jira Plugin Development

Jira plugin for software development teams to check every team member worklogs on time to prevent loss of working hours.

Confluence-based Website Design and Set-up

Corporate website powered by Confluence and ThemePress plugin with new graphic design was specifically created before their products release for improved UX and better project management.

Fundraising platform

Fundraising platform that allows users to create causes and collect money via integrated payment platform.

Real-time Management system for 1000+ Technology Company

Online management portal to simplify the management processes in the company with centralized access to all needed info.

Web Interface and Website Development for Sales Purposes

Web interface and website development to sell up-to-date app for restaurants that shows visitors available tables and informs on time to wait the desired table.

Plugin to Manage Images in Medical Software

Plugin for medical software that allows to read scanned images and store them together with all patient-related info.

Online testing tool

Online testing tool for the ad replacement service that allows to check accuracy of new ads placed and reports issues to the testing team.

Plugin to transfer users between websites

Wordpress plugin that allows to recognize users by their country and transfer them to another website.

Applications Builder – Web Service for Simple DIY Applications

Easily customizable single-panel publishing and distribution platform for realizing your ideas in mobile apps by yourself. One needs no coding skills, just chooses the settings and the widgets with all the content stored on the cloud system.

SlotsPro – Online Gambling Community

The community includes information about popular slots and online casinos with their ratings and reviews. Registered users can rate games, leave comments, share winning screenshots, get special S-points for their activity in the community and take advantage of all other gamification benefits.

E-Recruitment System – Web Recruitment Site Modules

SaaS e-recruitment complex of modules helps the online recruitment service organize the employment process on different stages and levels. The solution makes the frontend customizable, configuration easy, and the management clear.

E-commerce Multi Brand Web Site with a Blog for Designer Eyewear

This web site represents a well-thought user-friendly organization of the selection and purchasing process of designer glasses. Numerous specific details and features became available only after the customization of an open source e-commerce solution implementation.

Secure file access – System Development Kit (SDK)

System development kit for the security maintenance of your sensitive data especially those ones stored with the help of cloud services. The SDK gives a controlled and moderated file access that requires no drivers and installation.

Online Application Frontend – GPS Tracking Platform

Ruby on Rails was used as the main technology to evolve the old system into the new one. The new application showed higher speed, more attractive design and convenient tracking service. The platform also helped solve numerous issues in management, selling and billing.

E-Commerce System Based on iPhone, iPad and Web Applications

A user friendly online tool for inexpensive purchasing on Apple devices with in-built advertising platform. The system was developed for both private and business purposes and acquired some social network features and a groupon-like business logic.

Online Shop Development and Support – Fashionable Handbags

The online shop of fun and practical yet fashionable handbags mostly designed for laptops with a wide range discount options and a good choice of the item’s parameters. Further web site support was provided to eliminate any problems with logging in and paying off.

Online Food and Accessories Store

The project incorporated two products united in one online store. Various kinds of food and cooking accessories can be easily ordered online. Enterprise-class e-commerce platform Magento with its specific features was used due to the client’s prior request.

Clothes and Accessories Store

Online wholesale store with the extended functional options range unusual for an ordinary store like printing of a chosen image on the clothes. Based on Magento CMS with a few customizations concerning a registration process and the payment.

Cloud Computing System with Unique Business Logic

Openstack consists of a number of connected projects for a cloud infrastructure solution. The product works with different kinds of clouds, and being easy to use is very feature abundant. This flexible cloud environment was created to work for public and private clouds.

Online Shop for Hair Styling

WordPress-based simplistic online store for the simpliest usability regarding purchasing and administrating. Hair extensions for hair styling can be bought fast and easy. No registration needed and minimal amount of clicks were distinguished as a key strategy. WordPress serves as a CMS for this web project.

Online Auction

Online auction system based on Magento CMS with specific bidding and notification modules for selling and buying different products. To facilitate the convenient way of getting the information about specific lots and special offers available in the area there was also the IP tracking module developed.

Training Company Portal

Easy-to-handle website for a training company with a PayPal system and a feedback section. The resource allows get a full view of the educational program, resources, and the information about the trainers. WordPress was chosen as a CMS because of the best correspondence to the client’s expectations.

Religious Portal

WordPress-based website and a mobile application created to make the religious life of a person easier. The product helps get around the new locations while away from home and find spiritual places with the information about the working hours of mosques. Land navigation is organized through a Google Map API.

Rentals Website

A rental portal with WordPress as a blogging tool and a content management system represented the simple merchandize catalog with descriptions that was suitable was constant updates. The service also included newsletters as a notification service for new objects available.

Group-buying Website

Group-buying portal based on WordPress CMS with a PayPal system and a bonus system for loyal customers and a statistics sections of prices. An integration with Facebook allowed to simplify logging in. The project was completed qualitatively according to the tight schedule.

Kids Theater Website

WordPress-based website for a children’s theater. The specific character of the project induced us to develop detailed sections concerning the timetable and personal data. Users have the opportunity to choose the class and register online as well as choose the upcoming performance to attend.

Nightlife iOS/Android App

Mobile app for nightclub fans with iOS and Android versions.

Steps Tracking App

Steps tracking app where users compete by the amount of steps they do daily and log their results to leaderboard.

Encrypted Email And Call App

Mobile application where users can send and receive encrypted emails and make calls.

Social App Redesign

Redesign for mobile social app for sharing customer service experiences at restaurants. Users can share places they enjoyed, leave rates, feedbacks and learn the shifts their favorite waiters work.

Mobile Social App Design

Design for mobile social app for those who like to work anywhere else than at the office. Users can share destinations they enjoyed, leave rates, feedbacks and invite others.

Testflight Update and Server Set Up for PhoneGap App

Assistance on the final development stages before the app release: TestFlight update, server adjustments and testing.

Mobile App Prototype for Nightclub-goers

Mobile app prototype for nightclub-goers where users can check-in at nightclubs and share information on the cover charge, queues outside, gender ratio and even evaluate the attractiveness of the crowd.

Pizza Mobile App

Mobile app where users can compose their own pizza by choosing desired ingredients and order it.

Cocktail Exchange App Prototype

Mobile app prototype with 9 fully-designed screens where users can create and exchange cocktails with each other.

Recipe App Prototype

Mobile recipe app prototype with 3 fully-designed screens, menu, pop-up and navigation description.

Social Networks Event Parser

Backend for mobile app that filters Facebook feed for events close to the user’s location.

Research on Mobile Ad Replacement App

Technical research on app development of mobile ad replacement app, feasibility study and further proved recommendation to choose the most appropriate variant.

Mobile Rent App

Mobile application for real estate that allows adding pictures, description of the realty and show its location on the map.

Email App with Scheduled Sending Ability

Mobile email client with send, reply, forward features and ability to schedule email sending.

Bubble Pop 2.0

Mobile game to pop bubbles that consists of several levels and has ability to buy different types of bubbles.

Mobile Social Chatting App

Mobile application where users can find friends by location and interest tags to exchange messages, photos and videos with them.

Kids Bubble Pop Game

Simple and colorful mobile game for children under 5 where they can pop animated bubbles.

Jigsaw Game App

Mobile puzzle game where users send each other pictures and then piece them together into one picture.

Mobile Notes App

Simple iOS app to keep notes grouped in categories and organized by lists.

Slot-machine Mobile App

Mobile slot-machine game with ability to invite friends from Facebook and win extra bonuses.

Email Management App

Mobile client that integrates all mail accounts into one with easy navigation and operation.

Mobile App for Social Networks

iOS social media account management app that puts together accounts from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus.

UI/UX for Xamarin App for Mobile payments

UI/UX design for mobile app that enables online payments both for private and business purposes in a convenient way.

Brand New Mobile Scrabble

Mobile app based on scrabble game idea with new challenging features.

Remote Mobile Video Stream Controller

Mobile app to enable video stream management between 2 mobile devices.

Mobile App for Purchases and Sales

The app that handles requests from potential buyers and find the nearest seller of the goods by Google Maps API.

Lead Collection Android Tool

Mobile app for sales representatives that helps organizing all lead-related data collected during various industry-specific events into smart and easy-to-use way.

RaceQs – GPS mobile app for yachting

Mobile app for yachting with GPS tracking system makes yacht competitions fair and transparent. Along with being highly functional the app is easy to use and very customisable.

Task Manager and Messenger for iOS and Android

Cross-platform messenger and planner for managing tasks and events from the chat or a contact page. The app gives the opportunity of communicating free of charge using text messages, voice notes and maps. Supplementary function of a wish list included.

Banana Club – Kids and Teenagers Camp

Banana Club is one of the largest Camps for Kids and Teenagers with a unique organizational system. With this new app tours for children became available for booking on-line on their phones. The product has some features of a social network (chat, albums, comments, etc.).

SecuraFone – Tracking Application

SecuraFone is a mobile application created especially for children and the elderly tracking to ensure their safety. The simplistic design makes it easy to react in the stressful situations and prevent major health threats. For children’s parents this app has become a real solution of child’s safety issues.

Reverse Engineering – Skype Censoring with Low-level Hooks of Internal APIs

Internal Skype API for multiple managing and censorship tasks with low-level hooks produced with the help of Reversed Engineering. The high protection of this application enables you to monitor the conversations, block some actions, and go through numerous updates.

Virtualization for Mobile Devices Solution

A solution to interchange the activities between virtual OS instances providing personal and corporate security. Two platform instances co-exist on one device with only one OS active and showing high performance by implementing virtualization and reverse engineering.

SoundSniffer – Sound System Development Kit (SDK) for Windows

SDK SoundSniffer for Windows is a utility that allows to pursue multiple goals by enhancing the performance of the system. This kit helps record different system sounds in a convenient way, get the information about the stream, as well as block several streams from the “black list” processes.

PC Solution for Mobile Device Data Synchronization

Well-organized and multiple-skilled team executed the project to broaden the company’s sphere of already existing products to support various devices on the newest platforms. Reverse engineering was used as a main technology to excellt he functionality.

Marketing Brochure For IT Company

Promotional leaflet design and content writing for B2B tech company.

Mailchimp Email Design and Campaign Set Up

Email campaign design and set up in Mailchimp with unique infographic images.

Confluence-based Website Design and Set-up

Corporate website powered by Confluence and ThemePress plugin with new graphic design was specifically created before their products release for improved UX and better project management.

Cats: game characters & background design

2D design for game: characters (5 cats expressing various emotions and designed in 2 positions – standing on 2 and 4 paws) and background design as well.

Website Background Design

Website background and logo design for IT company.

House & Surroundings – 3D Rendering

Realistic 3D model of a house with the detailed surroundings created on the basis of a blueprint then used for selling architect’s services.

Toy Gun – 3D-printable Model

A realistic 3D Model of a toy gun for private use completed on the basis of the client’s sketch and printed on a specific model of a 3D printer.

Designer Belt Buckles – 3D Rendering and Modeling

The 3D Model of designer belt buckles was developed and later manufactured in metal for mass production.

Marketing Brochure For IT Company

Promotional leaflet design and content writing for B2B tech company.

Leads List Generation For Cold-Calling

Generating a list of leads with direct contact details for remote sales representative of IT outsourcing company.

Lottery Prize Search For Online Conference

Negotiating free prizes from partners for online conference participants.

Content Writing for Mobile App Development Company’s Blog

Technical article writing for mobile application development company on a step-by-step mobile prototype design.

Mailchimp Email Design and Campaign Set Up

Email campaign design and set up in Mailchimp with unique infographic images.

Labour Law Website Content Rewrite

Website content rewrite for company providing Labour Law posters for US companies.

Lead Generation for Recruitment Agency

Software developers shortlisting using Linkedin.

Leads Generation via Linkedin

Lead generation for medical company using Linkedin.

Linkedin Contacts Segmentation

Linkedin connections segmentation and integration with Mailchimp for induction lighting company’s lead generation activities.

Market Analysis for IT Company

Market analysis and buyer personas creation for software development company.

Leads Generation Campaign for Brokerage Agency

Leads generation for brokerage agency that registered companies at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

SMM campaign for charity organization

Social media marketing campaign on Facebook and VKontakte social networks to gather people around charity activities.

Marketing Promo Campaign for International Conference

Marketing promo campaign for international conference using email marketing and social media tools to attract attendees to the conference.

Sales Campaign for an Embedded Software Development Company

The campaign was developed for an embedded development team and its main purpose was to find companies potentially interested in the team’s services.

Case Study and Graphic Resume Development

NexGenDesign has worked on several projects that included development of case studies and graphic resumes for various technologies.

Jira Consulting Services

Jira and Confluence consulting services on adjusting its features to increase the efficiency of Jira products usage by energy efficiency company.

Dedicated Team for Web Hosting Support

Dedicated team for first and second-level support of customer’s web hosting services 24/7.

Server Support

Server support development case with server performance optimization that resulted in cost savings.