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Customer Care Angels

We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.

Our Services Include

  • NexGenDesign teams work with such technologies: If your project was created using a framework or platform, you should pay attention to those developers who spent more than 100 hours working with it. Here is the list of platforms we are good at:
    • PHP
    • Java
    • Ruby on Rails
    • .Net
    • C++
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
    • WordPress
    • Magento
    • Spree
    • Liferay


    NexGenDesign also aims to match client’s needs and requirements with the team that has the most relevant business expertise. If you need PSD to HTML service, frontend development team with quick turnaround is for you. If you are looking for a promo site where you are planning to simply update content from time to time than we will find a solution that will be easy-to-use and will not cost you a fortune. However if you are planning to build a complicated online system we will find a team experienced in development of high load projects & complex back end solutions. Business domains we work with are:

    • promo websites
    • e-commerce projects
    • marketplaces
    • online auctions
    • social networks
    • online file sharing applications
    • blogs
    • tracking systems
    • document management systems

    To learn more about our expertise in web and software development check out our portfolio.

    Web & Software Development

    Have you ever tried to select the best web or software development provider? We work with the chosen & proven. Check our expertise.

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  • The amount of mobile Internet users is constantly increasing as well as number of mobile apps on the market. People use their mobile phones to search for information, read books, shop online, play games etc. NexGenDesign found mobile application development teams for all the main platforms, so we create:

    Why do you need to check relevant expertise of the team you plan to work with?


    • Mobile platforms have various limitations, experienced teams know that & explain how to avoid them;
    • Applications can be created natively for each platform or using cross-platform solution. Mobile developers who tried both ways can advice what is better for your app.
    • If you want your app to be used, downloaded or better – purchased by new users, take care of interface usavility. Core NexGenDesign team research this topic & publish materials on how mobile interfaces should look like.

    To learn more about our expertise in mobile development check out our portfolio.

    Mobile Development

    iPhone, iPad & Android apps market becomes even more competitive. You should work just with those who can add value to your apps. Do you know why?

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  • Embedded development is a rather complex area of expertise that requires a truly professional approach. To meet the high standards of embedded development market NexGenDesign only cooperates with teams that have 10+ years of experience in this area. Our teams specialize in:

    • kernel and low-level development,
    • driver development,
    • development of microcontrollers.

    Their expertise covers the following areas:

    • wireless technologies,
    • telecommunication solutions,
    • system sound recording technologies,
    • device security.

    To learn more about our expertise in embedded development check out our portfolio.

    Embedded Development

    Kernel and low-level development, driver development, development of microcontrollers – we found tenable teams with the focus on security, system & network monitoring and more.

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  • Support teams are a part of company’s strategic assets. High quality outsourced support services can not only reduce IT costs but also enhance the effect from sales and marketing activity. That is why so many companies around the world such as IBM are already taking the advantage of support outsourcing

    NexGenDesign offers you a wide range of support services. Having at least 6 years of experience our teams can provide you with exceptional knowledge of technology and process. Our support portfolio includes:

    • web hosting support,
    • outsourced server management,
    • server administration,
    • database server administration,
    • online live support,
    • e-commerce customer support.

    To learn more about our expertise in support services check out our portfolio.

    Support Services

    One more strong focus of our company. English speaking help desk from Eastern Europe with powerful productivity and reasonable costs bring economical sense on the 3rd-9th month. Just ask us how we do that.

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  • People receive 90% of information using their eyes. That is why you should pay special attention to design. NexGenDesign cooperates with a number of 2D design professionals, experienced in:

    • web and mobile design,
    • interface design,
    • design for printed products,
    • logo design etc.

    Today 3D Animation and Rendering studios specialize not only in architectural/landscape scenes or computer games but also can offer you impressive presentations for advertising, TV, property development as well as real estate. NexGenDesign can help you choose the best 3D Design companies with expertise in:

    To learn more about our expertise in 2D and 3D design check out our portfolio.

    2D, 3D Design

    Game characters, architecture, pixel graphics, mobile and web user interfaces are those things that we can be proud of. We research every GFX project as a challenge. Do you know why?

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  • Sales and marketing services are often considered to be the “non-core” functions of IT organizations. However they still have to be performed by professionals in order to receive the best results.

    NexGenDesign sales teams work on building and maintaining strong relationships with customers from all around the world. They focus solely on the process of sales and pay maximum attention to customer relations. Our sales managers work in a number of areas:

    • lead generation,
    • client support,
    • after sales services,
    • multistep sales.

    Whether you are planning to launch a temporary marketing campaign or set up a permanent marketing department hiring a third-party team of marketing professionals for these purposes can bring a number of significant benefits. NexGenDesign marketing teams specialize in IT sphere marketing and offer such services as:

    • international conferences,
    • secret shopper,
    • development of marketing materials,
    • case study writing,
    • development of visualized resumes.

    To learn more about our expertise in sales and marketing services check out our portfolio.

    Sales & Marketing

    Our team likes everything about selling and marketing, it’s a real art. Did you notice last time you were “selling” a good restaurant to a friend? We help our clients with sales and marketing in the same style. Guess how.

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NexGenDesign is an IT Outsourcing Brokerage firm founded in 2010. We have 57 small medium-sized IT companies in our database to trust your projects. Send us a request and we’ll find a team of true professionals exactly in your field. We know that our reputation is hard won but easy to lose. So, every project is important and we work only if confident in appropriate results.


Specializing in various areas of IT and programming

Different SMBs have specialization in different fields. We find the right team to make you sure that only true professionals are selected for your, for example, iPhone or Android custom development projects.

You are IMPORTANT for such companies and they treat you adequately. Actually, it is better than to become “another-number-unknown” project for huge enterprises. Just imagine who gets more attention and sources at some large company: your start-up or Philips?


Moreover, our service is FEE-FREE for you. Why? SMBs paid us to be listed in our offers. We help them to be present at their potential clients’ market. Of course, we select only reliable companies that are worthy your attention. Everything is simple and fair.

Want to be the only and important for a reasonable price? SEND US a REQUEST and we find a team of professionals that will concentrate on your business needs.


  • Looking for a reliable company to outsource your ideas and needs, you’ll face the following PAINS
  • selecting some companies
  • sending requests
  • valuating them
  • corresponding with a manager
  • getting a shortlist at last
  • building trust
  • gathering feedback

We SAVE your precious TIME and offer GAIN WITHOUT PAIN.

Reasonable Pricing

Small-sized companies (SMB) IT companies offer a reasonable prices comparing to large companies that have already included some extra cost for their brand. Moreover, you can be sure in their highly-motivated attitude at work. Just because they want to become something BIG with you.


The companies we represent are located in Eastern Europe. It means the similar mentality to yours, that results in fast co-operating and idea sharing.

Every-client-is-a-king policy

Such SMBs appreciate every client, so you can be sure in decent quality. They believe in every new opportunity provided. Every new project is a chance to create something really advanced and impressive.

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