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Technical Server Support Outsourcing Services

Nowadays it is rather popular and profitable to outsource support service. It allows you to maintain the project at minimum cost with employees’ productivity and communication on 24/7 basis. All your requirements concerning using advanced technologies that change constantly as well as attracting and retaining qualified personnel will be met by our team in an effective way.

Outsourced Web Hosting Support

Almost all hosting companies should have support. However sometimes it is not so convenient and cost efficient to deal with a lot of usual questions and enquiries instead of concentrating on increasing company revenue. Outsourced web hosting support team in Eastern Europe will handle your support service at high quality level for appropriate price leaving more resources to develop your business. With cultural similarity, high level of technical education, language proficiency as well as experience in developing and maintaining such projects, your requirements will be met in an effective way.

Professional Hosting Support Services

With a team of qualified and experienced professionals, we provide hosting support services to web companies of all sizes. All the support solutions are available 24/7. Our support agreements are flexible and you can choose among various options concerning the method of payment. Thus, you can pay for one answering ticket, per working hour of our specialist as well as choose fixed weekly or monthly fee.

Outsourced Server Management

Such specific services as customization and administration can be necessary for hosting companies with every dedicated server has to be customized in accordance with client’s requirements. All these typical operations can be outsourced with no risk. The companies providing a professional administration of servers can find it very cost effective to outsource some part of their services. Outsourced server management is also an ideal decision for owners and managers of web projects that have no excessive time or necessary knowledge to handle such services. Our team can consult you concerning installation, changing, correcting, customizing, tuning or improving all the required server software.

Offshore & Nearshore Server Administration Services

Eastern Europe can be called an ideal choice if we are talking about outsourcing high quality services for appropriate price. Cultural similarity, language proficiency as well as education benefit greatly in dealings with companies located in other countries. The time difference is another advantage that should be taken into consideration. Thus, the problems occurred in the USA during the day can be fixed overnight and a solution can be presented in the following morning without delay. While the time difference with Europe is 2 hours at most usually and in this case the workdays are synchronized.

Outsourced Database Server Administration

Most web applications are database driven. With our professional team you will be provided with high quality outsourced remote database management service available 24/7. Thus, you can choose among such services as detecting, diagnosing and resolving MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL or PostgreSQL performance issues as well as monitoring database servers. Taking into consideration such data as user activity, response time, table space, session details as well, our qualified administrators will guarantee database server health.

Remote Database Server Management

To run your database optimally you need a reliable monitoring system. Our experienced team provides you with such services as Oracle database management (Oracle 8, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g), PostgreSQL database management (7.x, 8.x) and MySQL database management (4.x, 5.x). Such packages include database performance tuning, setting up database management system, custom security measures as well as configuration of database backups and many more.

Outsourced Live Support

Online support is a great service for business of any size that can help to increase your profits. The visitor of your site can ask any question concerning sales, delivery, payment, discount or availability of goods. Qualified and trained agents will answer the inquiries in the most professional manner. Such outsourced live support team is cost-efficient way to develop your business.

Online Live Support Services

As a rule, we offer our clients the following plan. The client expresses his requirements indicating the necessary fields of knowledge and expertise. Then, he has the opportunity to interview several qualified agents to choose and approve the most appropriate employees for his project. Thus, the client has control over the staff chosen as well as over the service provided.

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