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Joomla, Drupal, WordPress Consulting Experts For Hire

Nowadays most blogs are operated with such content management systems (CMS) as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress. These CMS are not just for blogging, they can be used for creation portals, news media, entertaining sites, e-commerce, e-shops, etc. These platforms are open source, so that everyone can improve their code. Thus, new features added, bugs fixed and new editions updated on regular basis. However, any serious project needs custom software development. As a rule, you need to have new additional plugins and components to be written. We help you to create the necessary plugins, modules as well as components, develop the whole project from the beginning as well as select experienced and skilled team of programmers that will respond all your needs.

Joomla Custom Development Services

Due to its user-friendliness and extensibility, Joomla has become one of the most popular CMS available. It is an open source solution that is available to everyone. With Joomla developed in PHP, a lot of applications are created on this open platform that anyone can use, support and share. However, many companies require the features that differ greatly from those that are available in basic version and our company provides various Joomla development services for any needs.

Joomla Developers & Programmers for Hire

You can hire the dedicated team that consists of various professionals including developers, project managers, system analysts, database administrators, etc. We offer you to create the team depending on your preferences and requirements. The payment is made on monthly basis. All the tasks and deliveries are under absolute control of the customer.

Joomla Component Development Services

Due to its various features, Joomla Components are considered to be the most requested and widely used extensions. Thus, Joomla Component is a Joomla extension that simplifies the performing of such different tasks as backing-up a website, building a community by expanding user features, creating search-engine friendly URLs or translating the content. There are a lot of different components available for download, but even with such wide range not all business needs can be satisfied. We offer our customers such service as implementing individual specifications in Joomla Components.

Joomla Installation Services

Note that installation, maintenance as well as upgrading of Joomla are considered to be very important steps of Joomla solutions for your website. Thus, all the components and modules of Joomla require a professional installation service that we can offer you for appropriate price. All we need is your username and password to login your hosting account as well as username and password for FTP.

Drupal Custom Development Services

Drupal is written in PHP that is used widely for producing dynamic web sites. Drupal works with Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and other operating systems. The sites created with the Drupal framework can be changed quickly with the help of modifying modules. Thousands of non-profits, business, educational as well as government organizations choose this CMS to power e-commerce stores, corporate websites, intranets, social networking sites and many more.

Drupal Developers & Programmers for Hire

A unique team of qualified and professional software developers is created in accordance with the client’s requirements. Such service is provided for a fixed monthly fee and allows the customer to maintain the project at minimum cost. Choosing such model of service providing, the client can handle the project development rapidly and efficiently.

Drupal Component Development Services

Drupal Components allow to simplify such tasks as creating search-engine friendly URLs, expanding user features as well as backing-up a website and many more. Our professional team offers you such service as implementing individual specifications in Drupal Components. Thus, with numerous components available to download and with the help of our experienced developers all your business requirements will be met in an efficient way.

Drupal Installation Services

Our team offers you to make Drupal installation and configuring all the modules in accordance with your requirements. You should provide us with the username and password for your hosting account as well as for FTP account. Drupal installation service guarantees that a website will run smoothly and safely.

WordPress Custom Development Services

WordPress is powered by PHP and MySQL data back-end. With rich plugin architecture, WordPress CMS functionality can be extended beyond the features available for the base install. Thus, PHP and HTML code can be modified and edited for more advanced customization.

WordPress Developers & Programmers for Hire

A dedicated team of professionals with experience in programming languages and information technologies will be created in accordance with your specific requirements. With a fixed monthly fee the client has a control over the whole process and can check the progress as well as make some necessary changes in the project without delay.

WordPress Plugin Development Services

Being popular because of their multi facet features, WordPress components are widely used extensions. With a vast knowledge and experience in WordPress development we offer integrating and customizing any WordPress plugins as well as professional consulting concerning these questions. While developing WordPress plugins we will take into consideration every aspect of the client’s website business needs.

WordPress Installation Services

We also provide such service as installation and configuring all the required modules for WordPress CMS. With the username and password to your hosting account as well as for your FTP account, WordPress installation will be fulfilled quickly and safely.

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