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iPhone, Blackberry, Android Experts For Hire

The market of programmers is rather developed in Eastern Europe. Advanced technologies, new orders as well as interesting projects allow the developers to improve their skills and professionalism on regular basis and have a good experience and background in the wide variety of operating systems, hardware and programming languages. We also should mention such strong points as

  • high level of basic technical education
  • neighbourhood with Europe
  • cultural similarity
  • clear understanding of clients’ requirements

iPhone & iPod Developers & Programmers

Being on the market not so long ago, iPhone and iPod have become the most popular mobile platform due to its innovative interface, high computing power, stylish design and numerous unique features. An astonishing sale of about six million portable media players per year proves that the market of iPhone and iPod applications is formed.

Many companies have already interested in software development for iPod and iPhone devices. We also have responded to market demand. There are quite a lot of experienced programmers who can develop iPod and iPhone applications of various degrees of complexity.

iPhone, iPod Dedicated Teams

Dedicated team service is the best choice for getting exclusive approach to client’s needs as well as maximum cost efficiency. The client expresses his preferences concerning the qualification, experience and expertise of developers and the team is selected in accordance with these requirements. Thus, working only with one project the specialists will meet the client’s requirements in the most efficient way. The payment is made on monthly basis. All the tasks and deliveries are under complete control of the client.

iPhone, iPod Fixed Costs Projects

The projects with fixed budget and deadline are maintained as fixed cost projects. In this case, the client set their requirements and goals in Software Requirement Specification. We also can help the client to make such a document with all the necessary details and requirements concerning the project. After the cost, timeline and delivery milestones have been approved by the client, the work on the project begins.

This model is appropriate for small or medium sized projects. Usually, fixed costs projects are more expensive than the above mentioned dedicated teams. With the many tasks have been agreed upon, to change something during the development process is not so easy. Thus, extra corrective can be made through changes request with all the necessary steps such as coordination, valuation and signing.

Blackberry Developers & Programmers

Blackberry has remained to be the standard in corporation mobile communication due to its security, easiness to send and receive emails and other organizing features. It is not so simple to find Blackberry developers for moderate price, but we have something you won’t refuse.

Blackberry Porting & Testing Services

Porting is one of the most important things in mobile game development. We offer porting for Blackberry from such devices as MIDP 1.0 and MIDP2.0 mobile phones, Palm, WinCE, Android, iPhone, etc. With all these devices available, testing also will be made after the whole process of porting finished.

Blackberry Dedicated Teams

Being a time consuming process, software development needs efficient solutions and fruitful communication. With the dedicated teams that are chosen in accordance with the client’s requirements and preferences, the risk of paying extra money as well as wasting much time on regulating the whole process is significantly reduced. All the tasks and deadlines are controlled by the client. The payment is made per month. Thus, you have the opportunity to monitor the progress and have a control over the process.

Blackberry Fixed Costs Projects

All the details about the project are agreed upon and written in Software Requirement Specification. Thus, the client can plan fixed budget and deadline beforehand, but can’t make changes easily during the process. This is the best solution for small or medium sized projects when everything seems to be clear and you will not have to use special changes request to make some alteration.

Android Developers & Programmers

Google continues to improve its products and provided new software development kit for Android. Being an open source, it enables developers to create new mobile applications for providing rich and more exciting experience for users. Android is built on the open Linux-based OS that can be found on various devices such as HTC, Samsung, LG Electronics, and Sony Ericsson. Thus, the market is in need of experienced Android developers and programmers and we have something appropriate to offer you.

Android Dedicated Teams

The opportunity to interview and choose only experienced and qualified staff who have special approach to client’s requirements and needs in conjunction with maximum cost efficiency just for this project make dedicated team service the best choice for any type of tasks. Choosing such a type of service, the client has a complete control over the whole process.

Android Fixed Costs Projects

All the details and requirements, such as deadline, costs, responsibilities and other are agreed upon and set in Software Requirement Specification. Such a document can be created by the client or with the help of our team. Note that such projects are not flexible and to make some changes at any stage of it, many coordinative steps should be made. Thus, it is the best choice for small and medium sized projects.

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