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Java, J2EE, J2ME Experts For Hire

Java software development is one of the main services we offer. With the team of experienced and skilled Java programmers the client’s requirements will be met in the fastest and cost effective way. Our certified Java developers have experience in J2EE, J2SE, J2ME programming and provide attractive solutions to the customers.

J2EE Developers & Programmers

Most large projects are developed with J2EE. A lot of companies outsource their projects connected with this technology to Eastern Europe. Due to such a policy, there are experienced and qualified J2EE programmers who can offer you innovative solutions in this field.

Java 2 Enterprise Edition Dedicated Teams

Choosing this service, you will get a dedicated team of professionals working as a remote department of your company. The whole team is created in accordance with your requirements, standards and preferences in order to work exclusively on your project. You also have an absolute control over the tasks and deliveries. Changes in the project can be made at any stage. The payment is made on monthly basis.

Java 2 Enterprise Edition Fixed Costs Projects

You also can choose fixed cost projects. In this case the client can provide all the necessary requirements concerning the project in Software Requirement Specification. We also can work closely with the client to understand the exact features that should be included to the project. Such model is the ideal for small or medium sized projects with the specified time frame.

J2SE Developers & Programmers

Java 2 Platform is considered to be the second main implementation of Java software. J2SE is used for writing applets and various Java-based applications. The most important thing about this platform is that with its help Java standalone applications for individual computers can be developed. With the help of our professional software programming team, the best solutions will be found in accordance with the client’s requirements.

Java 2 Standard Edition Dedicated Teams

Before the project starts the client expresses all the needs and preferences. After all the features and requirements are agreed upon, the customer can choose among professional software developers offered to create the team for his exclusive needs. The client can communicate with every member of the team as well as has control over the whole process.

Java 2 Standard Edition Fixed Costs Projects

Such model is the best for small or medium sized projects. Due to the project scope as well as fixed timelines that are set from the start, the risks connecting with fixed cost projects are quite low. This model can be also used at first as the trial project to make sure that our team guarantees the high quality of all the services provided.

J2ME Developers & Programmers

J2ME is an innovative technology for mobile phones. With a wide range of various devices that have different MIDP peculiarities, the development of mobile application that is appropriate for most devices has become rather a challenging task. With the help of our experts in J2ME platform architecture, the building MIDP applications as well as incorporating improved multi-media became an predictable and effective process. Even such well known company as Gameloft, the leading mobile game developer, appreciated the professionalism and experience of Eastern Europe programming developers and opened its branch office in Ukraine, Kharkov in particular.

J2ME Porting & Testing

With the ability to use the same code on a great selection of devices, J2ME gives access to a large customer base that uses the same application. However, modern devices differ greatly in their capabilities. That’s why the application running on them have to be adjusted to each particular phone. The availability of the necessary quantity of devices as well as experience in porting are considered to be the basic problems concerning this quite time consuming process. To minimize the porting time and effort is our first priority.

Java 2 Micro Edition Dedicated Teams

With the dedicated Java 2 Micro Edition developers that work under your support and guidance, all your requirements and needs will be responded quickly. Another advantage of dedicated team is the possibility to control the whole process from the beginning and make any changes in the progress.

Java 2 Micro Edition Fixed Costs Projects

Fixed cost projects ensure the delivery of high quality product within the specified deadline. As a rule, such model is more expensive than the above mentioned dedicated teams and the client can’t influence greatly on the work of team during the process, because all the requirements are agreed upon in the beginning of the project. It is the most appropriate option for medium sized projects.

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