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3D Rendering & Modeling Companies

NexGen Design can help you to choose the best 3D Rendering & Modeling companies as well as modeling service developers, architects, interior designers and other professionals in the construction and design industry. Today 3D Animation and Rendering studios specialize not only in architectural/landscape scenes or computer games but also can offer you impressive presentations for advertising, TV, property development as well as real estate. We provide you with the opportunity to get high quality rendering, modeling and animation services at a reasonable price.

3D Modeling Services Outsourcing

3D modeling technology can be used in number of fields including movie industry for producing visual effects, engineering industry for 3D rendering of the latest devices, for creating computer games and even in medical industry for detailed visualization of organs. 3D design professionals can create a 3D model from just an idea as well as convert existing 2D design into 3D model. We offer you to choose 3D modeling services outsourcing company that will assist you during the conceptualization, modeling stage of projects and presentation ideas in the from of images and animation such as .mpeg or .avi files. All the components of 3D modeling service such as 3D models, 3D animation process as well as 3D modeling software are of high quality. The other benefits of 3D modeling services outsourcing are cost effectiveness and time saving due to skilled 3D professionals available at appropriate price.

Hire 3D Artist

Hiring 3D Artist you can talk directly to the person who is doing your work from the very beginning and can get the idea of your project as well as meet all your requirements. You can convert your hand-drawn sketches, drawings as well as design concepts into impressive 3D models. With a great attention to shape and texture, 3D artist will customize 3D models into any format using ADT, AutoCAD, MDT, SolidWorks, Catia in accordance with your requirements. To hire 3D artists to work on your project means choosing high quality and personalized service.

3D Modeling Dedicated Team for Hire

This service offers you a dedicated team of professional designers working as a remote department of your company. With a vast experience in creating 3D visualizations and graphics, our team has all the necessary software to perform a professional work exclusively for you. You have an absolute control over the whole process including tasks, deliveries and changes in the project. The payment is made on monthly basis.

3D Rendering Services Outsourcing

Today 3D rendering services outsourcing allows you to reduce costs and save time and focus on attracting new clients and creating new ideas. With advanced technologies in 3D rendering, artwork and digital media for real estate and broadcast TV our team quicken turnaround time and provides you with high quality final product. Impressive architectural visualization, 3D renderings and animations, modification of existing drawings as well as architectural construction drawings. And this is not the full list of services provided.

Hire 3D Rendering Experts

We can help you to hire an experienced team with a strong architectural and technical background who can develop work from preliminary sketches, designs or just concepts of the project. You can provide a brief description of colours, objects and other issues to consider as well as control the whole process from the beginning. 3D rendering experts can help you in modeling architecture images of residential, commercial or industrial buildings, exterior view of the above mentioned types of buildings, landscape designing, interior view of offices and houses, custom or modular furniture and many more.

3D Rendering Dedicated Team for Hire

With our skilled and experienced team of 3D rendering designers you will get customer centric approach as well as high quality service for affordable price. You express all your preferences before the project starts and qualified professionals are chosen in accordance with your requirements. You can communicate with every member of the team, approve or change something during the process. The high quality of 3D rendering services that include interior design, exterior design and architectural modeling is guaranteed.

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