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In-house or outsource is not in question anymore. A heart number of companies realise that outsourcing is a great opportunity that cannot be missed. Yet, there is always the other side of the coin. Outsourcing is not as easy as it may seem. You have to go through a challenging process of working with unfamiliar environment and complicated structure, which makes outsourcing process pretty much unbearable.

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From a technical team’s point of view outsourcing isn’t a piece of cake either. Communication can sometimes take up to 80% of working time. It means that a technical team spends most of their time talking to clients instead of actually doing their main job.

Perhaps, everybody should do their own job. Entrepreneurs – organize their business, designers – create, and sales managers – sell.

If you start working with outsourcing system you will surely face up such tricky paths as competence, cost and quality. Who to trust with your project? Will the expectations live up to the real result? How could we possibly strike that perfect balance between the cost and the quality? If you have ever asked yourself at least one of these questions or even all of them NexGen Design will come to rescue in this situation and become your guardian customer care angell.

Why Is It A Pain to Select A Software Outsourcing Partner?

  • Search For Relevant Companies You need to understand which keywork is your one in Google Search. Check portfolio page, team biography etc.
  • Send dozens of requests Then go to each site, find request page, and send the same proposal to everyone.
  • Answer additional questions Share your prototype with colleagues and friends to collaborate and review.
  • Build trust and collect testimonials Step by step build trustful relationships with each of the remaining companies and collect testimonials from them.
  • Create a short-list of companies Review each candidate’s offer and select 2-3 companies that best suit your requirements.
  • Evaluate collected offers Turn your wireframes and designs into amazing prototypes filled with reach media,animations and touch events.


We thought of a different approach to outsourcing. What if there were a sales agency where clients were treated like the closest people? Nobody recommends suspicious quality to the nearest and dearest.

What if number one responsibility of our employees were giving a sincere care and attentive service to resolve client’s business problems? At NexGen Design we are driven by the new generation business attitude. Communications are our main power. Our direct responsibility is to understand clients’ “pain” and give it a proper “treatment”.


You don’t need to be experienced in IT outsourcing, software development, Web and Mobile technologies. It is our job to match your requirements with the most suitable technological solutions.

“Business is the most successful and profitable when all the people are in the right places and know their job. Businessmen shouldn’t spend hours surfing Internet to study programming and technologies. Instead, they can just come to us, share their vision and ideas and we will accompany them through the whole project, from a general idea to a final update.” That is what we say to our clients.

NexGen Design cooperates with teams specializing in various areas of IT and programming such as Design, Web & Mobile development, Marketing and Sales. We only work with trustworthy small and middle sized development teams that can fully dedicate their attention, time, energy and minds to your project. With a solid professional background and reasonable price strategy, they have enough opportunities to provide their services at the proper level. We interact as their internal Sales & Marketing department that results in close connection and awareness. Just contact us to find out how we can help you.